"More oversight" and national security

I was greatly amused this morning when I heard on the radio the news of the latest misstep by the FBI.  I only caught the tail end of the broadcast, and as I heard the story the bottom line was that Attorney General Gonzalez had stated that the FBI was in need of greater oversight with regard to the Patriot Act.  I waited with bated breath for the next repeat of the story, wondering what the latest outrage might be--had the FBI been discovered to be operating hit teams against terrorist suspects, or perhaps sending them for interrogation in Middle Eastern countries?  Had they been blackmailing suspects with the results of unsanctioned wiretaps?As it turned out, the Bureau's accounting procedures had been found wanting.  It appeared that their count of National Security Letters (NSL) that had been issued to banks and businesses under the provisions of the Patriot Act were low by about twenty percent.  Please note--the offense wasn't that the Bureau had been...(Read Full Post)