Coulter vesus Maher

In the uproar over Ann Coulter's tasteless "joke" at the CPAC Conference, Bill Maher's much more egregious call for Dick Cheney's assassination and the applause of his audience have been ignored, as Newsbusters showed.  As for Maher, I conclude that by lamenting that the assassination attempt failed -- because he concluded it would "save lives" -- Maher is indeed calling for further attempts.  But contrarily, if one were inclined to invert Maher's twisted logic, one could propose that those who are not wholeheartedly in step with the war-effort are showing America's disunity which only emboldens the Islamic terrorists to commit more car bombings etc.; thus the death of such an American anti-war advocate would "save lives".  Fortunately, I cannot remember seeing conservatives calling for assassination of America's liberal politicians. Do Liberals really want to invite a return of political violence to America?  Aren't the...(Read Full Post)