The Battle of Baghdad

There is another excellent post from Mohammed at Iraq the Model dated yesterday (Friday, February 23, 2007).  He has been driving around Baghdad and reports on the increasing presence of the military and the apparent increasing security:The buildup of troops in the capital seems to be incremental and increasing by the day giving a steadily growing sense of the seriousness of the operation. Yesterday during my tour with some friends we were stopped to be searched seven times during about only two hours; five times in Karkh and two in Resafa [the west and east sections of the city]Is the correlation of forces swinging in our favor?  In a commentary on the British withdrawal of troops from Basra, the London Times notes that "80 to 90 percent of all violence in the country occurs in the capital."  If this is true, it is a statistic that we do not see often.  It can mean two things - that the Battle of Baghdad is the final phase of the insurgence or that the...(Read Full Post)