Selective linking at the NYT (updated)

The New York Times publishes an article today on the bloggers covering the Libby Trial, mentioning AT. Most of the article concerns Jane Hamsher (late of the Ned Lamont campaign) and her site The title of the article evokes an "aren't some of those bloggers cute?" image: "For liberal bloggers, Libby Trial is Fun and Fodder."Our own Clarice Feldman and AT merit a brief mention and even briefer quote than provided to Hamsher:Over on the right, meanwhile, conservative bloggers portray Mr. Fitzgerald's case against Mr. Libby as a gratuitous exercise that is slowly coming apart. At American Thinker, Clarice Feldman has repeatedly taken aim at the prosecution's most important witness, the host of NBC's Meet the Press."Tim Russert has some explaining to do," Ms. Feldman, a lawyer sitting in on the trial this week, wrote of the host in her blog.Interestingly enough, no hyperlink is provided to either any of Clarice's articles or the AT home page....(Read Full Post)