Only part of the news fit to print

The New York Times is trying to discrdit the Bush administration and seriously misleading readers. Again.Controversy over a possible missed U.S. opportunity for rapprochement with Iran grew on Wednesday as former aide accused Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice of misleading Congress on the issue.Flynt Leverett, who worked on the National Security Council when it was headed by Rice, said a proposal vetted by Tehran's most senior leaders was sent to the United States in May 2003 and was akin to the 1972 U.S. opening to China.But the Gray Lady somehow left out the fact that Flynt Leverett went to work for the Kerry campaign"He returned to the CIA where he previously worked and soon after left government. Hence, he was not in a position to make this case directly to Rice, he said."Might the New York Times have been able to fill in the time line and report that he is a partisan Democrat who went to work for the John Kerry campaign  and that Kerry's defeat...(Read Full Post)