Letter from Iraq

A reader who requests anonymity writes from Iraq:Here in Al Anbar province the feel of the moment is that the US commitment to Iraq's future is visibly solid enough.  However, US patience is not to be banked on indefinitely and the twentieth century has a few examples where this kind of complacency led to unfortunate results.  But a reading of what one sees here with ones own eyes gives a sense that a decision has been made regarding a settling of accounts with the primary trouble maker in the region. It makes sense that this enterprise called Iraqi Freedom, Inc. was never intended to be open-ended or even wholly about Iraq.  How can you have Iraqi freedom when you have the murderous mullocracy next door plotting its demise and contributing to the killing of your troops?  Iran's nuclear program alone--given the rhetoric that come out that country--is a giant strategic headache.  If the mullahs really are crazy enough to nuke Israel...(Read Full Post)