About that Moslem holy site

Covering the latest Muslim-inspired clashes in Jerusalem, the MSM, relying on their skimpy religious/historical knowledge plus Muslim propaganda, have ranked the importance of the area's sites to the respective religions.  Much of this is wrong so here are some corrections courtesy of Mary Yourish.About the Western Wall (often incorrectly referred to as the Wailing Wall) from which Jews were barred from visiting under Jordanian rule 1948-1967 as a holy site:  Jews "don't worship a wall" and the important area isThe Temple Mount is the holiest site in Judaism. The Western Wall is what remains of the retaining wall around the Temple complex.Yourish  commends the AP for finally understanding a bit right of the area's importance historically to Jews.The compound is Judaism's holiest site, venerated as the location of two biblical temples, and Jews gather to pray near one of its outer retaining walls, known as the Western Wall. The two Biblical temples...(Read Full Post)