Urgent care and universal care

I am a Canadian, and have been following the health care discussion initiated by Patrick Poole and Steven M. Warshawsky.  My sister-in-law (also Canadian) was recently referred for an "urgent" MRI because of a headaches and an ambiguous CT scan (i.e. possible brain cancer).  With the "urgent" referral, and with the intervention of a family member who was a doctor and therefore had considerable influence on the system, we were able to arrange to get an MRI in Canada in "only" one and a half months.Naturally, we did not want to wait that long for the diagnosis, and to begin treatment if necessary, so my wife called a few hospitals in Buffalo, New York.  Within two days (and a two-hour drive each way), we had the results in hand (no cancer, thank G-d) while the other beneficiaries of the much-acclaimed "universal" Canadian health care system were still waiting in line.While I realize that there are problems with the American system,...(Read Full Post)