Time to end academic tenure

Judge Posner, compares job security and the economic consequences of different models. He notes that academic tenure has been scrapped in England and suggests it has no longer a place in the U.S. and is likely to be scrapped here as well:I do not think tenure makes a great deal of sense any longer in the academic setting, and I expect to see it gradually abandoned. (It has already been abandoned in England, for example.) If a university wishes to offer its faculty protection against political retaliation for unpopular views, it can do that by writing into the employment contract that politics is an impermissible ground for termination. Tenure is no longer needed because of an absence of performance measures. These measures exist in abundance. Quality of teaching is readily measurable by student evaluations, provided care is taken to prevent teachers from courting popularity by easy grading and light assignments and student evaluations are supplemented by faculty observation...(Read Full Post)