The Libby prosecution: a personal grudge?

The Wall Street Journal's carries a provocative editorial today, laying out a possible personal grudge that might help explain the peculiar prosecution of Scooter Libby by Patrick Fitzgerald.Libby had been one of the lawyers for March Rich, the rogue trader of oil and much else, who was eventually pardoned by Bill Clinton in a notorious end-of-term round of questionable pardons. Two of the prosecutors who worked on the Rich case over the years were none other than Mr. Fitzgerald and James Comey, who while Deputy Attorney General appointed Mr. Fitzgerald to investigate the Plame leak. Mr. Fitzgerald worked in the Southern District for five years starting in 1988, at the same time that Mr. Libby was developing a legal theory of Mr. Rich's innocence in a bid to get the charges dropped. The prosecutors never did accept the argument, but Leonard Garment, who brought Mr. Libby onto the case in 1985, says that he believes Mr. Libby's legal work helped set the stage for Mr....(Read Full Post)