Secret agreement between Isarel and Syria? (updated)

The Israeli paper Haaretz is reporting tonight that secret understanding were reached between representatives of Israel and Syria during a series of secret meetings that occurred in Europe between September 2004 and July 2006. The main points are:An agreement of principles will be signed between the two countries, and following the fulfillment of all commitments, a peace agreement will be signed. As part of the agreement on principles, Israel will withdraw from the Golan Heights to the lines of 4 June, 1967. The timetable for the withdrawal remained open: Syria demanded the pullout be carried out over a five-year period, while Israel asked for the withdrawal to be spread out over 15 years. At the buffer zone, along Lake Kinneret, a park will be set up for joint use by Israelis and Syrians. The park will cover a significant portion of the Golan Heights. Israelis will be free to access the park and their presence will not be dependent on Syrian approval. Israel will retain control over...(Read Full Post)