Positive signs in Iraq

A look at the price of the Iraqi dinar through today, Jan. 15, shows that it keeps moving up. If you go to the Central Bank of Iraq site and scroll down to the bottom you will see the most recent data.  Note the explosion in dollar value of trading.Yes, it is always possible that this whole thing is one grand manipulation, but since the dinar is not a focus of the press, my guess is that it is not, that we are "really seeing" the market here.  Which means that "something is going on" in Iraq.I find it very difficult to assemble the mosaic here.  Bush is responding to the chaos in Baghdad, so much so that he is willing to publicly imply he was clueless as recently as October when he said we were winning.  So, he is responding to a "crisis" in our Iraq policy.  Correctly so far as I know.But then we have Amir Taheri, who is in-country.  Another column this morning in the New York Post is saying (again) that while there are...(Read Full Post)