Picking a Jury: The Libby Voir Dire

Yesterday, as part of the Media Bloggers Association, I covered the ongoing voir dire of potential jurors for the upcoming Libby trial. This is the first time bloggers have been issued press credentials to cover a federal trial. Voir dire is the process of questioning potential jurors to eliminate them for cause (for example bias or felony convictions) or simply for no stated reason by either party (peremptory challenges).We have not yet got to the preemptory challenges but many of the jurors have been struck for cause, largely bias against the Administration and the defendant, bias often occasioned by prejudicial pretrial publicity. On January 16, Libby filed a motion asking that he be permitted to probe the extent of exposure jurors had to such coverage.As previously noted by the defense, the pretrial publicity in this case has been significant and in many cases has included inaccurate and inflammatory statements and assertions that are unduly prejudicial to Mr. Libby. Therefore, in...(Read Full Post)