Old War Dogs teach new tricks

This past year I came up with an idea that, strangely enough, bore fruit: I knew that there had to be lots of other old vets out there like me who had overcome their fear of computers and the Internet to discover that these are tools which can be used effectively to expand on the knowledge gained from our military experiences to provide unique insights and perspectives to the millions of web viewers who've not been there nor done that. I looked at it as a situation of old dogs learning new tricks, and out of that, through the dedication and skills of Bill Faith, owner of Small Town Veteran Blog and volunteer webmaster for this endeavor, was borne our blog, Old War Dogs. To our delight we have become a site of some note in the military blogosphere, due, I'm sure to the fact that we have member Dogs from every major conflict from WWII to the present. We don't have any generals or admirals yet as contributing Dogs (the major networks have all those guys) but we do have a couple of senior...(Read Full Post)