Censoring Obama's name?

The Washington Post mounts its editorial high horse to denounce those who use Senator Obama's middle name "Hussein" when mentioning him. IT'S BECOME a fad among some conservatives to refer to the junior senator from Illinois by his full name: Barack Hussein Obama. This would be merely juvenile if it weren't so contemptible."Barack Hussein Obama" is apparently taboo in their editorial stylebook, though I seem to remember John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Hillary Rodham Clinton being printed with some frequency. Lyndon Baines Johnson, anyone? It seems to me that middle names have become a rather prominent part of presidential nomenclature.Evidently the Post's editors think that only some middle names are permissible. I eagerly await publication of a definitive list of those middle names which can and cannot be printed. There used to be no shortage of anti-Irish bigotry in America. Is the Post going to retroactively edit out Fitzgerald from its Kennedy archives? Or at...(Read Full Post)