NYT investigates conservative hedge fund manager

In a front-page article that ran on Jan.25th regarding hedge fund managers becoming involved in politics, the New York Times gave prominent coverage to Paul Singer whom it describes as a "private reserved man."  Clearly that was chum for the NYT sleuths who featured him prominently in the article, despite his desire to remainprivate. The article itself was brief, but a large part of it was taken up with an analysis of Singer's activities.What did the article have to say about Singer?Mr. Singer, 62, is the founding partner of Elliott Associates, a $7 billion hedge fund with a conservative, risk-averse bias that has been in business since 1977, making it one of the oldest funds around. A reserved, private man who would answer questions only via e-mail, Mr. Singer is a self-described conservative libertarian who has given millions of dollars to Republican organizations that emphasize a strong military and support Israel. They include Progress for America ($1.5 million...(Read Full Post)