Newsweek's Fineman unglued

Noel Sheppard, writing on Newsbusters, calls attention to Newsweek's Howard Fineman's descent into inane propaganda. Bush Derangement Syndrome is the only explanation for a journalist debasing himself to this extent.Newsweek's Howard Fineman didn't wait long to file his disdain for President Bush's speech to the nation about Iraq Wednesday night. In fact, according to the timestamp at, his "A Crisis of Confidence" article was posted at 7:43 PM Pacific Time, or a little over an hour after the president finished. I guess Howard was anxious to tell his readers that "George W. Bush spoke with all the confidence of a perp in a police lineup."There's more and it is just as bad. The newsweeklies cannot die a fast enough death, as far as I am concerned.(Read Full Post)