NCIS on the hot seat

Lawyers for a defendant in a court martial have charged that the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) altered the statements of the soldier's fellow Marines, and the trial has been halted for an investigation of the charge.CAMP PENDLETON ---- A hearing for a Marine officer accused of assaulting an Iraqi was halted Friday after a defense attorney alleged that Naval Criminal Investigative Service agents fabricated portions of statements that led to the charges against the lieutenant. Attorney David Sheldon made the assertion in a Camp Pendleton courtroom on the second day of an Article 32 hearing for 2nd Lt. Nathan Phan. The Sacramento-area native is charged with assaulting three Iraqis and filing a false report in an incident that took place on April 10 in Hamdania, Iraq. Sheldon's allegation prompted the hearing officer, Lt. Col William Pigott, to order a halt to the proceedings until the three government agents could be brought to court to testify. "I want...(Read Full Post)