Nanny State Nevada

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has an article about the statewide anti-smoking law that just went into effect. It forces restaurants, convenience stores and taverns that serve food to ban smoking, limiting lighting up to bars, strip clubs and casinos (big political contributors: surprise, surprise).  One of the consequences is that small restaurants that are owned by bars are forced to either close the restaurant or the bar. The restaurant generally loses in that choice. And the categories that lawmakers draw up in their minds bear only a partial resemblance to how business is conducted in Nevada and the impact on jobs. For example, the article states:'Food is a loss leader at Jackson's, so the restaurant makes all its money from its 15 video-poker machines, Slipock said. A significant hit to the supper club's gaming revenue could imperil the jobs of some of the eatery's 20 employees. "We'll start looking at those hard decisions in the next three or four...(Read Full Post)