Kevin Barrett responds

To the American Thinker,

David Rusin opens his ad hominem diatribe against me and other 9/11 revisionists with an amusing pleonasm about "living, breathing, sentient people":
"How much more difficult must it be for dozens of people - living, breathing, sentient people - to keep a secret? What about hundreds of people, or perhaps even thousands?"
Those unwilling to look at facts love sweeping generalizations, no matter how bogus. Let's consider some facts.

Tens of thousands of "living, breathing, sentient people" knew about the Manhattan project yet it was kept secret for many years. Hundreds if not thousands, including the 200 CIA agents donning fake IDs and pretending to be killed in a fake "airliner shootdown," would have known about Operation Northwoods, a near-miss plan for the US military to randomly murder hundreds or perhaps thousands of Americans in a wave of fake "Cuban terror attacks" in 1962. (See Bamford's Body of Secrets.)

Northwoods was not an anomaly. The Pentagon systematically murdered hundreds if not thousands of Europeans in dozens of fake "leftist terrorist bombings" Italy, France, Belgium, and many other European countries during the Cold War. Many thousands of American and European military and intelligence personnel knew about these NATO-directed "strategy of tension" massacres and successfully kept them secret until 1990--and virtually secret in the US even now.

Policymakers and military-intelligence personnel keep false flag terror secret because it is the single most effective weapon in their psychological warfare arsenal. Former Italian military intelligence chief General Vito Miceli, who slaughtered hundreds of innocent Italians in fake "leftist" terror attacks at the behest of Nixon's Pentagon chiefs, was outraged when Italian PM Andreotti later spilled the beans: "I have gone to prison because I did not want to reveal the existence of this super secret organization. And now Andreotti comes along and tells it to Parliament!" (See Daniele Ganser's NATO's Secret Armies.)

Given facts like those listed above, we must revise our generalizations. False flag terror attacks are the easiest kind of operation to run--there's no opposition--and the easiest to keep secret (because those who carry them out are highly motivated to remain silent.) Because politics/war is ultimately about winning over minds, false flag terror is THE most effective tool in the political-military kit. Just as protection rackets cannot work without occasional staged attacks to underline the need for a protective mafia, so governments cannot operate without a perceived "threat" to legitimize them. And those who wish to go to war almost always fabricate an "enemy attack" as a trigger. 9/11 was pretty much standard operating procedure, just a little more spectacular than usual.

Kevin Barrett
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