Is Ahmadinejad Jewish?

The Middle East is a mad, mad, mad, mad world (to quote an old movie title). Tehran and Saudi Arabia are the premier lolly-gaggers, wearing their turbans sideways, staggering in circles, rolling their eyes and sticking out their tongues. It's the only explanation for the paranoid psychotic hate fantasies that pass for regime "news" in Tehran, and even in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Millions of Muslims must be nauseated by the recycled old Czarist hate propaganda that now passes for rational discourse in these countries, at least for the ignorant masses. The elites know better, but they're the ones who are responsible for pushing the vast outpouring of industrial-strength rage. Thus monsters are made out of human beings.

Did you know Ahmadinejad was Jewish? No? Well, it's obvious. Ahmadinejad is pretty Evil, right? And he wants to Rule the World? Yes. It's what he says over and over again. Well, Evil + World Rule Conspiracy = Jewish. QED.

That's the reasoning coming from Tehran's official new spokesman on the Holocaust. Forget his name, just imagine him as Ahmadinejad's hand puppet, because that's what he is.

Here are his latest ravings, translated by MEMRI.
"The Bolshevik Soviet government in Lenin's time, and later, in Stalin's --- both of whom were Jewish ---... cooperated with Hitler in promoting the idea of establishing the State of Israel. A book that was published about this... ˆ titled Adolf Hitler, Founder of Israel by Hennecke Kardel, a German born in 1922 ˆ proves that Hitler was Jewish, and that his grandmother was a Jewish prostitute. [Hitler's] father went by his mother's Jewish name until he was 40, and later changed his surname to Hitler.

"Adolf Hitler himself developed an aversion to Judaism because his mother was a Jewish whore. He first received [negative] information about the Jews in an Austrian monastery, (the book presents details and pictures of it), and from then on, he [tried] to escape his Judaism."
Pretty pukey stuff, right? But the paranoid thinking is logical enough, in a thoroughly mad way. Hitler was Evil, right? Stalin and Lenin were pretty Evil, too, right? And they all wanted to conquer the world?

Right. You guessed it.

The lesson of mad cults, like Jim Jones, is that normal people can be turned into raving monsters by controlling the "news" they get. You build a barrier around people and only give them cult propaganda. That's how cults turn human beings into functional psychotics. Human beings, even normal, sane people, cannot cope with a constant daily barrage of hate. The appetite grows on what it feeds upon, and some of them need more and more hatred to satiate their gargantuan appetites. That's the nature of the Mullah regime in Tehran, and of every other variety of fascism.

It's hard for decent people to grasp the vast outpouring of this kind of offal from Jimmy Carter's favorite victim group, the radical Muslim world. Ahmadinejad and his ilk are disgusting millions of decent people around the world. They are also scaring the daylights out of the Sunni Arab nations, who are now seeing the backlash of their own hate propaganda campaigns over decades.

In the old Beatles cartoon Yellow Submarine, the Beatles were pursued by bad guys called The Blue Meanies. Somewhere in the middle of the flick, somebody says,
"Blue-ish? Blue-ish? You don't look Blue-ish!"
I used to think that was pretty funny. But now you're beginning to look Blue-ish to me, too. I can tell, it's that gleam in your eyes... Aaaaarrgghh!!!

James Lewis blogs at Dangerous Times