Instability in Iran

The New York Sun offers a trio of items today offering hope for the possibility of regime change in Iran.Khameni's health Speculation is mounting in American and Israeli intelligence and defense circles about the declining health of Iran's 67-year-old supreme leader, who is believed to be suffering from cancer. At the end of December, Iran analysts inside the intelligence community were asked to draw up possible succession scenarios for Ayatollah Ali Khamenei after he appeared on state-run television looking gaunt and sickly. On January 4, stories spread throughout the Internet and some Iranian exile publications that Ayatollah Khamenei was dead. [....]The death of Ayatollah Khamenei would likely set off a battle for succession. Among the top candidates for supreme leader is a spiritual leader and mentor to Mr. Ahmadinejad who has advocated an apocalyptic version of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini's Shiite Islam, Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi. Another is a former Iranian president and...(Read Full Post)