Coincidence or pattern?

A friend notes that The New York Sun article today about the dropping of FBI investigations into intelligence leaks (mentioned in an earlier blog) contains lots of interesting news. (emphasis supplied) A CIA spokeswoman, Michele Neff, flatly denied that her agency has resisted the FBI's efforts to hunt down leakers. "That's simply not the case," she said yesterday. "Why would we not want to get to the bottom of the leaks? The Office of General Counsel works closely with the Department of Justice on investigations regarding unauthorized disclosures."He and I agree that In normal parlance that means: OGC and DOJ get together and agree that there will be no consequences for stonewalling, so the FBI is hamstrung in proceeding further.  Unless of course the target is attractive for DOJ.Sometimes the target is. Sometimes it isn't. And the seriousness of the inquiry and the cooperation of other agencies also is remarkably variable.My friend and I, both with...(Read Full Post)