Bush's course correction: will it work? (updated)

Last night President Bush presented something for everyone. His long-carping critics got an admission of mistakes to crow about. He is sending more troops, in line with the demands of Rumsfeld-haters. He even nodded to James Baker and the Iraq Study Group - not on the major point of selling out Israel and attempting to get Iran to help the Great Satan it wants to destroy, but on one of the lesser of its kitchen sink full of suggestions: increasing the embedding American advisors with Iraqi Army units.But the real substance of the key changes (the ones which might actually make a difference and work) were touched upon lightly, or even just implied. Honestly, there is plenty of wiggle room here, so I may be over-optimistic in my interpretations. But if read the President correctly, what really matters is:The rules of engagement for our troops are changing. They will be able to act with more force, upon less provocation, and thereby be able proactively eliminate those who threaten them...(Read Full Post)