Blacks benefit from crackdown on illegal immigrants

Stark evidence now exists that a crackdown on illegal immigration greatly benefits poor blacks. We have a teachable moment in the immigration debate, if only the movement to protect our borders has the wit to capitalize on it, and add a vital and potent constituency. It is one thing for theorists like me point out the basic economics, but it is quite another to have real people in a real town demonstrating that economic laws really work.Elementary economics teaches us that augmenting the supply of low skill labor in the United States with the presence among us of millions of illegal immigrants has driven down prices (also known as wages). Other members of the low wage labor pool have suffered, prominently including blacks, and also those low skill workers who have legally immigrated.Today, a Wall Street Journal article describes the effects of a crackdown on illegal immigrants and how it effected one company in particular. After a wave of raids by federal immigration agents on Labor...(Read Full Post)