Biting the hand

Graham Cunningham's fascinating essay observes that left-wing anti-bourgeois invective originates in the academy.  I have often wondered about this and suggest that part of this anti-commerce culture derives from the tradition in British Universities in which Oxbridge Dons were aristocratic gentlemen scholars, the second sons of families whose wealth derived from great landed estates, and who viewed "tradesmen" as beneath contempt (not least because they associated with Jews).  Furthermore, to leftists, "corporate profit" is a dirty word implying funds doubtlessly stolen from exploited peasants on third-world plantations - for where else could this extra money derive in the left's zero-sum view of economics?  Could this profit-stigma be a remnant of medieval anti-usury laws?  Clearly, academics have little understanding of modern industry, international trade, and wealth formation.  This ignorance then permeates our culture.  Mr....(Read Full Post)