AT article is making waves internationally

Herbert E. Meyer's article "How to Think about the War" is attracting considerable attention, internationally. The Italian newspaper Il Foglio requested translation rights and now the political party of former Prime Minister Berlusconi, Forza Italia,  has reprinted it on the party website. Forza Italia was narrowly defeated in the recent elections, but new elections may happen soon, returning it and Berlusconi to power, as the government of Romano Prodi has been experiencing difficulties, and the public now prefers Berlusconi.In addition noted Canadian journalist Paul Jackson, whose work also appears on AT from time to time, has made the article the subject of his Sunday column in the Calgary Sun.Meyer's diagnosis, and prognosis, is an absorbing read. Authoritatively written, it hits home hard.Readers who might have missed the column during the holiday season are urged to take a look at it.(Read Full Post)