The Democratic Party and Jews

Gabriel Schoenfeld, senior editor of Commentary Magazine, pens an essay in the January issue (now online here) on the paradox of Jewish support for a party (the Democrats) that is becoming more and hostile to Jews and Israel, and friendly to anti-Semites.  It is a very good thing that Commentary joins AT's Ed Lasky and the Republican Jewish Coalition in bringing to light the disturbing trends in the Democratic Party which portend dangers for our nation's alliance with Israel. The article points out that Muslim demographics, their increasing political activism, and their radicalization are driving them into an alliance with the more liberal wing of the Democratic Party. Schonfeld points out that the historic allegiance and loyalty of America's Jews to he Democratic Party is neither appreciated or reciprocated. The paradox remains: while unswervingly loyal to the Democratic Party, that Party  in turn has increasingly been infected with the virus of anti-Semitism and is...(Read Full Post)