Premature O-basmas? Try Mitt & Condi...

Are you feeling the heat yet? If not, you haven't been watching the objective media having O-basmas all over the place, long before the New Hampshire primary circus. And Hillary looming over all of it like Nurse Ratched  coming to take care of us all.

This is only a foretaste of what the media will start delivering in the run-up to the Democrat convention. Prepare to be harassed by liberal propaganda like never before. It'll be The Second Coming as far as the WaPo and NYT are concerned. Tom Delay has it pegged already as a Hillary-O'basma ticket for the Democrats. In fact, Delay has them as Prez and Veep already. 

Republicans will start looking for their own glamour team to run in '08. One attractive possibility is Mitt Romney and Condi Rice. The Boston Globe (wholly owned by the NYT) is already out laying disinformation mines for Governor Romney (is he really pro-Gay? is he a sneak leftie? How many wives does this Mormon guy have?). Condi Rice is still relatively untouched, but look for the agitprop media to start preemptive mud bombing soon.

Having a mixed-race, mixed-gender ticket isn't a bad idea for the GOP, providing that both candidates are highly competent and of good character, with genuine conservative credentials. Many conservatives are beating up on George W. Bush today, but I remember how good I felt (and still feel) after Bill Clinton's eight years of dreadful corruption and incompetence. Bush has given us a rough ride, but 9/11 makes this rough times.

We have quite a few good possibilities. I happen like Mitt Romney because he seems competent, understands free markets, has run impressive business projects, and has performed very well in a liberal state like Massachusetts. (Though his recent speech was uninspiring.)

I like Condi Rice because I'm a sucker for smart and beautiful women. Her life story, her discipline, understanding of international politics, love of music, academic credentials.... a dream candidate, potentially.

And that's the kicker. Both Romney and Rice are ideal candidates in potentia. Whether they have the drive, the political skills and willingness to take endless media mudbaths,  whether they have that sense of destiny and calling, that realization that we live in dangerous times and cannot afford to have amateurs and blind ideologues at the helm of the ship, whether they can capture the imagination of the American people and keep us from the clutches of HillaryCare ... We just don't know.

It'll be an interesting couple of years.

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