In thrall of freaks

A bloger who calls herself Urban Infidel was at hand to mingle with some of the guests attending a party in honor Lynne Stewart. As many people know, Ms. Stewart is a prominent civil rights lawyer who was convicted of helping her client Omar Rahman to communicate with his terrorist organization from prison while serving a sentence for spearheading the first World Trade Center attack. The party which was called ‘Ode to Joy and Struggle' was given to celebrate the resolution of Ms. Stewart's legal difficulties.

Describing the guest procession which included such notables as Ward Churchill, the bloger observes that ‘at moments it seemed like a horror movie or freak show.' Incredibly, her description could not be more apt. If you think this assessment may be an exaggeration, you can see it all for yourself here. The whole spectacle was made even more bizarre as some of the guests chanted ‘F--k America' and ‘America is evil.'

One may be tempted to dismiss this event as a mere gathering of a group of malcontents. This, however, would be a mistake, because the ideas and objectives of these people - that America is bad and deserves to lose, for instance - are espoused by a major American political party. The democrats will not admit it openly - for obvious electoral reasons - but this is most certainly their aim, because the policies they advocate will inevitably produce this outcome. In this fashion they seek to translate into reality a whole array of positions championed by Lynne Stewart and her friends.

Incredible as it may seem, it is these strange-looking people that determine the ideological orientation and objectives of today's Democratic Party. To get them legislatively implemented, the Party deceptively puts up a more polished façade of Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, John Kerry, Dick Durbin, and Hillary Clinton. But make no mistake - these slick politicians for the most part share the worldview of Ms. Stewart and her comrades. Lamentable as it is, the present Democrat Party is in the thrall of extremist freaks. It is enough to go on a couple of the most popular liberal websites such as Daily Kos or Democratic Underground to see that this is in fact so.

It is very worrisome that most Americans still do not realize this. One group that clearly gets it are the terrorists who began celebrating the moment they learned of the outcome of the latest elections. They even used the term ‘brotherly' when referring to members of the Democratic Party. Do you wonder why? It is because they know all too well that the democrats will seek to implement the objectives of Ms. Stewart's guests. And the good of America is most certainly not among them.
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