More partisan "reporting" from al-Reuters

Thomas Ferraro of Reuters has written what amounts to a summary of Democrat talking points on the party's effort to raise the minimum wage. The very title of the article reflects partisanship: "Democrats to raise wages for poor workers." The article might as justifiably be headlined "Democrats seek to limit jobs for unskilled workers."It swallows whole some very few geographically and temporally limited studies that seek to show that the laws of economics have been repealed at the low end of the wage scale:Democrats, who draw support from organized labor, point to studies that conclude a modest increase would cause no significant job loss.Not even a hint that there are other studies refuting the implausible thesis that raising price does nothing to suppress demand. Even worse, really an unpardonable sin of omission, is the article's failure to note that many union contracts specify wages that are a certain number of dollars above minimum wage. The reason...(Read Full Post)