Iran's oil production

Dear Sir,There are many  better able than I to comment in relation to the current position and likely future trends in respect of Iran's production of crude oil, oil products and LNG.However, my perspective is based upon five years or so - on and off - actually engaging with Iran in respect of a single project - the "Iran Oil Bourse" as it is popularly known. This project was initiated in early 2001 after - as a former Director of the UK's International Petroleum Exchange concerned at rampant market manipulation - I wrote to the Iranian Central Bank governor recommending a new Persian Gulf oil pricing benchmark.I have observed 3 principal themes which are particularly relevant: (a) National Identity; (b) Governance - ie Democracy and Decision Making; (c) Market Economy/ Management.National IdentityIran's Persian antecedents have roots some 4000 years old.  And certainly for the last few hundred years they have seen their nation under attack most...(Read Full Post)