From Russia with love (Part V)

Once again the Times of London has the most detailed up-to-date information on the Litvinenko investigation. Today they report that Russia's promise of full cooperation was false and the key witness is sick, leaving open the possibility that  he-Lugovoy-- will not be able to be interrogated: Russia named its price yesterday for providing help in the investigation into the death by poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko. It demanded that Britain hand over the enemies of President Putin who have been given asylum in London. The ultimatum came as Russian officials imposed strict limits on how Scotland Yard detectives will be allowed to operate as they began their investigation in Moscow. The strict conditions threatened to deepen the diplomatic rift between Moscow and London caused by the death last month by radioactive polonium-210 poisoning of Litvinenko. John Reid, the Home Secretary, pledged this week that no diplomatic obstacles would stand in the way of Scotland...(Read Full Post)