Eureferendum: Support Saddam punishment

The unelected Finnish (!) temporary president of the equally unelected European Union has condemned Saddam's hanging: "The EU has a very consistent view against using the death penalty and it should have not been used in this instance either, although there is no doubt over Saddam's guilt of very serious crimes against humanity..."The British website at EUReferendum answers this high-flown  grandstanding from the do-nothing EU: "And here is our response: you speak not in our name, nor in the name of the peoples of Europe. You were not elected by us and we did not appoint or authorise you to speak in our name. Nor in the name of the former citizens of Halabja, now deceased, and the hundreds of thousands of others lying in mass graves. We are with the people of Baghdad, shown here today ... celebrating."We have previously pointed at the EU's lack of moral seriousness about the Saddam trial --- given its own feckless disregard of mass-murder all over the world....(Read Full Post)