Carter and Makdisi: cut from the same cloth

Saree Makdisi , a Comparative English Literature professor at UCLA, wrote an article in support of former President Jimmy Carter's accusation of Israel as an apartheid state.  There is an eerie consistency in Makdisi's ideas and writing style.  His anchor point is always the indisputable validity of all Palestinian grievances.  To buttress this profession of faith, he shapes his own set of facts in the belief that his argumentation would gain him a few converts.  From selective facts to out of context facts, from distorted facts all the way through invented facts, Makdisi never shies away from the most egregious concoctions. He now finds an ally in former President Jimmy Carter, a master of fact fabrication.  It is not clear whether the discredited master needs all the help he can get to stem the downfall of his respectability, or whether the academic, in a desperate quest for credibility, resorts to "testimonial", a device well known to all...(Read Full Post)