Mark Steyn comes up short

  I greatly admire Mark Steyn.  He is one of the most insightful and witty commentators writing today....    However, in his latest column, Steyn offers a defense of the Bush Doctrine that just falls flat. Steyn writes:I support the Bush Doctrine on two grounds—first, for “utopian” reasons:  If the Middle East becomes a region of free states, it will have been the right thing to do and the option most consistent with American values (unlike the stability fetishists’ preference for sticking with Mubarak, the House of Saud and the other thugs and autocrats).  But, second, it also makes sense from a cynical realpolitik perspective:  Promoting liberty and democracy, even if they ultimately fail, is still a good way of messing with the thugs’ heads.  It’s one of the few real points of pressure America and its allies can bring to bear against rogue nations, and in the case of Iran, the one with the clearest...(Read Full Post)