In loco parentis - The Duke LaCrosse case

Professor KJC Johnson whose blog, Durham—in—Wonderland has been covering the Duke Lacrosse case, is interviewed by FrontpageMag and offers the most complete and accurate account of the matter. Read it all and be revolted by the unethical behavior of the press, the prosecutor and the outrageous behavior of many of the Duke faculty: In the first week of the investigation (March 16—23), Duke administrators actively assisted the state. Without informing President Richard Brodhead, administrators demanded from the captains a candid account of the evening's events, allegedly citing a non—existent "student—faculty" privilege to encourage the captains to disclose any criminal activity. Multiple sources told me that Coach Mike Pressler, apparently acting on orders from above, instructed the other players not to tell their parents about the police inquiry. Meanwhile, Dean Sue Wasiolek arranged for a local lawyer, Wes Covington, to act as a "facilitator" in...(Read Full Post)