Curious Timing

Another Soros project (CAP) suddenly refers readers to a sister project (CREW) just as CREW puts up the pdf emails of the page. CAP had made many references to CREW's site before but never before to CREW's blog which had been around for a while.   Two blogs help us see this.   From The loop: I'm following up on some links review for stories quoting CREW(Citizens for Ethics and Repsonsibility in Washington) and I came across a link via Google to a mobile version of the Center for American Progress's "Progress Report". The date is 09/28/2006. In that mobile report the editors blurb that CREW "launches a blog".   These are the headlines for the posts at the CREW blog for 09/28/2006.   8:41AM — 485: Number of documented White House/Abramoff team interactions   9:25AM — The Rove—Abramoff connection: much closer than previously revealed   11:11AM — CREW asks House Ethics Committee to investigate Rep. Mark Foley   At 6:39PM...(Read Full Post)