The real difference between red and blue states?

Sweetness & Light notices a fascinating congruence between the electoral maps we have become so familiar with and public opinion polling done by ESPN and the reggie Bush affair (The Heisman Trophy winner was discovered to have been paid during his college career — a clear rule violation). The same basic coastal versus interior division is apparent when state—by—state results are color—coded. S&L comments: It's beginning to look more and more like the US is comprised of two different countries. One that believes in playing by the rules, and one that doesn't. One thinks of Clinton's lies under oath, liberal victimology for criminals, and does see a certain consistency. No doubt leftist will scream of "warrantless wire taps." But the fact is that the Bush administration reads the Constitution differently than a Detroit judge, and will abide by the appeals process. Thomas Lifson   9 17 06(Read Full Post)