Stunning ignorance from Foreign Affairs

In an article ambitiously called "How to keep the Bomb from Iran: Preventing the unthinkable," Scott Sagan writes with stunning ignorance in the journal Foreign Affairs: Governments typically pursue nuclear power for one of three reasons: to protect themselves against an external security threat, to satisfy the parochial interests of domestic actors, or to acquire an important status symbol. What was that again? According to "expert" Scott Sagan, we're sitting pretty! All we do is give the Mullahs whatever they really want, and the world will be safe and secure from nuclear destruction. Phew!! What a relief! Mr. Sagan has obviously never heard about imperialist ideology as a supreme motive for genocidal aggression. He clearly has never heard the names Tojo, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, Lenin, bin Laden, and last but not least,  Khomeini. If Hitler had gotten his hands on the Bomb, as he nearly did, Mr. Sagan apparently feels quite sure that he would have used his nukes...(Read Full Post)