NYT columnist Kristof downplays Iranian anti-Semitism

Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times supported Sami—Al Arian, the Florida professor who was found to have played a key role in funding the Palestinian Islamic Jihad — responsible for the murder and maiming of many Israelis and Americans, and which has as one of its principles genocide against the Jews. He has yet to apologize for his support. Conversely, when it comes to saving not only Muslim reputations but Muslim lives, Kristof goes into overdrive. He has campaigned endlessly for the cause of Sudanese black Muslims who face genocide from the Arab Muslim leadership in Sudan. In today's column, he again shows his lack of concern for Jews who face the prospect of a nuclear armed—Iran run by a leadership that simultaneously denies the reality of the Holocaust and promises and boasts that they will bring about a new one as Israel is "wiped off the map". Dov Zakheim, who was under secretary of defense in Mr. Bush's first term, recalls that fears of Pakistan's...(Read Full Post)