Farrakhan's guy in Congress?

Andrew Walden, writing in Front Page Magazine, examines the deeply troubling candidacy of Keith Eillison, the Democrats' nominee for Congress in the Democrat—dominated district that includes the city of Minneapolis. Two blogs, Minnesota Democrats Exposed and Powerline did the job the local press (particularly the Star—Tribune, in a grave dereliction of journalistic duty) failed at: uncovering Ellison's ties with the Nation of Islam and his questionable attitudes toward Jews, not to mention his scofflaw behavior. I grew up in this particular Congressional district, the Minnesota Fifth, and my family was quite close to former Representative Donald Fraser, who for many years held the very seat which Ellison seeks, prior to becoming Mayor of Minneapolis. My mother ran his district office, and Don was one of my mother's pallbearers, among many other kindnesses to our family. The prospect of Ellison's election fills me with both dread and sadness, not least because it signifies...(Read Full Post)