The French betrayal

Nidra Poller is an astute political commentator and also a novelist living in Paris. Faithful long—time readers may remember the three articles she has contributed to AT. Today, in the Wall Street Journal, she takes a look ($link) at France's 'seduce and betray' policy toward America in dealing with Hezb'allah. Not only is the analysis smart and informative, but Ms. Poller really knows how to write. For example: And then that 21st—century fetish, the "international community," led by France, drowned that resolve in the cheap perfume of multilateral diplomacy. U.N. Resolution 1701 is a lace handkerchief fluttered in the face of reality. As soon as the resolution took effect, the instigators and perpetrators of the attack celebrated. The resolution tightens Hezbollah's stranglehold by handing it a victory it could not earn on the battlefield; Iran warmed up its exterminating engines; Syria decided that Hezbollah—type action was more promising than diplomatic...(Read Full Post)