More indicators of Haditha hoax

A.J. Strata provides two posts at his excellent website the Strata—Sphere, based on poster SBD's research, with further indications of a hoax in Haditha. So far nothing is conclusive, but common sense dictates the utmost suspicion. SBD posted this comment on June 8th (from this post): A cameraman working for Reuters in Haditha says bodies had been left lying in the street for hours after the attack. Reuters camerman, Reuters Story, and no mention of Massacre. Maybe Reuters has blind cameramen?? Do they really expect us to believe that Reuters withheld a story like this for 8 months when they had a cameraman right there during the supposed massacre? [....] ...on the scene reporters for the anti—war, anti—Bush Reuters did not make mention of a massacre or incursion into homes, just a street fight. and Which is more likely: Marines go on a rampage but no one reports abouts it for months, or AQ kills people of their propaganda snuff films? Since we know AQ will...(Read Full Post)