Muslims seeking refuge

Muslims are moving into so—called Jewish settlements to escape depredations from fellow Palestinians, according to the Washington Times. An unanticipated consequence of Israel's West Bank security barrier has been an influx of Israeli Arabs into Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem who hope to remain on the Israeli side of the barrier. Salam Kusideh is one of a growing number of Palestinians with Israeli citizenship who have moved across the highway from Arab neighborhoods of Beit Hanineh and Shuafat in search of cheaper housing and a better quality of life in the Jewish suburb of Pisgat Ze'ev. After eight months in his five—bedroom duplex, Mr. Kusideh is encouraging other Palestinians to follow.  "I tell them the conditions are excellent here," the 38—year—old carpenter said without hesitation. "Everything is orderly." The security barrier, designed to seal off Jerusalem from the West Bank, has driven up real estate and rental prices in Arab...(Read Full Post)