Just class and dignity

Yesterday I watched the British Classical Music Awards whose format and lavish production closely echoed the Oscars. But there was one big difference — the participants. Unlike at the Oscars, there were no people who are neither very smart nor very clever thinking that they are very smart and very clever. It is a sad truth that this kind of cruel self—deception tends to give rise to embarrassing behavior of which its purveyors are for the most part entirely unaware. It all really becomes agonizingly awkward when such people decide to freely pontificate, which is something Hollywood actors like to do especially. I am personally not a great fan, but it is still heartrending to watch them making fools of themselves before the whole world. They too are Americans, and as a naturalized citizen I want my country to show itself in the best possible light. Sadly, the Hollywood stars seem to have conspired to make this an impossibility when they are in the spotlight. When...(Read Full Post)