Juan Cole moving to Yale?

Taliban Man at Yale may soon have congenial company. The New York Sun reports that the most important higher education institution in New Haven may soon hire Juan Cole, a supporter of the notorious Walt—Mearsheimer paper, and well—known for his anti—Israel, anti—American Middle East Policy positions. The prospect of Mr. Cole joining the Yale faculty is disturbing for many reasons. His "scholarship" in this area consists entirely of crude polemics, and his outlook is colored by a conspiratorial view of history. Mr. Cole has used his modicum of fame not to participate in the realm of respectable scholarly debate but to express his deep and abiding hatred of Israel and to opine about the influence of a Zionist cabal on American foreign policy. Mr. Cole's most frequent public statements and writing — many of which appear on his blog, Informed Comment — have deviated considerably from his areas of expertise. He rarely misses an opportunity to inveigh...(Read Full Post)