Brad Stine: Conservative Christian Comedian

Human Events bring us an interview with conservative comedian Brad Stine, who also happens to be a committed Christian. I have long held that humor is among the most potent political weapons, and that conservatives must come to dominate comedy as much as we dominate the serious discussion of political ideas, if we are ever to reclaim the culture. The interview is done in a serious tone, but nevertheless Brad's comedic wit is highly evident throughout. How was it to perform at the Conservative Political Action Conference? Would you do it again? It was exciting to be able to perform in front of some real political heavyweights that not only think like me but who are also able to invade rogue countries to prove it which I haven't acquired the leverage to pull off yet. It was strange to be working in front of Bob Novak and Sam Donaldson at the same event, but at least I was confident if there was going to be any problems I had Wayne LaPierre covering me cause we KNOW he was packing....(Read Full Post)