They have no shame

Last week the authoress and liberal supporter Erica Jong appeared on the Today Show talking about her illicit sexual fantasies involving Bill Clinton. This sixty—four year lady is a textbook illustration of liberals' profound moral malaise. Having lost their moral bearings, her liberal audience probably much enjoyed her performance. What else could one expect from those who blithely abort babies while celebrating serial murderers? And this is just one among many inanities by which they are defined. In their skewed worldview, right is wrong and wrong is right. It is only appropriate that liberals are so enamored of Bill Clinton, a deeply dishonest man who could never be relied on to tell the truth about anything. Their love of him is symptomatic of their affliction. He truly is a worthy object of their worship and lust. This is one befuddled group of people. They also have no shame. Vasko Kohlmayer   3 28 06(Read Full Post)