The PCUSA and "replacement theology"

Jim Berkley, Interim Director of Presbyterian Action, writes with a valuable clarification and correction on the position of the Presbyterian Church, USA as described here I read with interest your article in The American Thinker. With much of it I am in hearty agreement, but I felt I needed to let you know that one assertion is not quite accurate. You wrote: "In 1987 the PCUSA formally rejected  Replacement Theology: 'We believe and testify that this theory of supersessionism or replacement is harmful and in need of reconsideration....We affirm that both the church and the Jewish people are elected by God for witness to the world...  We affirm the continuity of God's promise of land along with the obligations of that promise to the people Israel. This official position...' Actually the 1987 paper was not an official position that could formally reject anything. That would take a policy statement or a resolution at least. In this case, the General Assembly merely...(Read Full Post)